Knights Youth Centre is delighted and very privileged to be supported by 3 amazing young men who this summer will be taking part in the 10,000 mile Mongol Rally across mountains, deserts and everything in between to support KYC as their chosen charity as they take part in one of the most gruelling and challenging events in the world.  Travelling through Europe and Asia to get to the finish line in south eastern Russia, in total the team will be driving through 19 counties with no support or back up for them or their car!!

Their route takes them through some of the most stunning picturesque landscapes anywhere on the planet but also some of the most dangerous and remote parts of the world, where they have themselves, each other and their car only to depend on!

Their car isn’t the obvious choice for such a momentous undertaking but that’s part of the challenge!  They will be driving a 13 year old, 1.0 litre Suzuki Alto with 26,000 miles on the clock already over some of the roughest terrain imaginable, with no mechanics to help if they have engine problems and between have no experience of basic car maintenance!!  What could possibly go wrong ……………….  but as the organiser Matt says “if it’s not dangerous it’s not an adventure”.

The car: (see pic)

The team:
Matt Saunders
Henry Henderson
Dan Hydleman





The route:

The link below takes you to their site for more information about them, the car, their planned route and most importantly how you can help support them with a donation which goes towards Knights Youth Centre and the Mongol Rally’s official charity Cool Earth.

Follow KYC on twitter and our website for updates from the teams blog as they undergo this amazing adventure!!