Every penny helps!

As a small independent voluntary organisation we have learned over the years to make our finances go a long way.
Every donation is valued and put to the best possible use. As we are predominantly staffed and supported by volunteers, almost all of our money is spent directly on service delivery – not administration! We also claim the tax back whenever possible.

Help us to continue to make a difference to the lives of young people.

It’s really easy to make a contribution.

Make a regular donation

If you are able to make a regular donation, this will enable us to demonstrate to potential and current funders that we have a large group of supporters who value the work we do enough to make an ongoing financial commitment. In a word “Credibility”.

We currently have over 100 people supporting us in this way and we aim to increase this number significantly each year. Our aim is to reduce our dependence upon any single funding source in these challenging times. This enables us to be flexible and responsive to identified need as we are not constrained by funding criteria. Your regular help keeps us free to innovate and be an independent voice. We will of course claim tax back whenever possible.

Leave Something to KYC in your Will

This is always a sensitive subject and needs to be carefully considered whilst taking independent advice. Increasingly people are making this sort of arrangement, as a bequeathment to the Knights is very tax efficient and would make a significant impact upon the range and capacity of our service.

If you would like to know how we could use such a donation,
please contact Chris Saunders here.