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“Welcome to Knights Youth Centre – we call it KYC or ‘Knights’. Whether you are browsing, looking, surfing or looking for information, we hope our site will produce satisfaction. This is a youth centre wit h a heart – feel it beat; has warmth – feel the heat; is local – use your feet; for every task and age – its complete; is free – its your treat and has something for all – that’s’ sweet.”

Chris Saunders - Chairman

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Latest News

TYLAP - more than just youth work

TYLAP (Training Young Leader Apprenticeship Programme) carried out a review in Februay and March 2016. This review and subsequent recommendations will enable KYC to ensure that TYLAP is accessible, and attractive.

These were the agreed recommendations from that review:

  1. Change the age range of young adults accessing TYLAP to 18 - 30.
  2. Have two structured intakes of young adults participating on the Certificate in Youth Work (Level 2) course each year (September and April).
  3. Recruit Apprentice Youth Workers twice a  year (September and April).
  4. Recruit a Student Youth Worker twice a year (from Septemeber 2017).
  5. Deliver the Certificate in Youth Work (Level 2) course from alternativ and more accessible venues.
  6. Provide access (on site and elsewhere) to a wider range of professional courses and opportunities.
  7. Implement a more robust and effective 'moving on from TYLAP' system of support.
  8. Develop and implement a theory of change for TYLAP
  9. Improve the branding and profile of TYLAP.

More detail on these changes can be found on the TYLAP tab.

Please contact Sharna for more info or click on the Apprenticships tab above.

E:sharna@knightsyouthcentre.org.uk O: 020 86744055 M:0795 1329100